Energy Diet

Zupan Family

We are a family of four in Slovenia: Mateja (46), Janez (45), Tilen (15) and Krištof (10). We live in a private house in the suburb of Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital.

My husband Janez and I, Mateja, both work in the governmental offices. He’s mechanical engineer and he works on the Ministry of Defense as an expert for logistics and NATO codification. I’m an architect and I work in the Ministry of Culture as an inspector for cultural heritage in Slovenia.

Tilen and Krištof are both teenagers. Tilen attends secondary school at College Poljane and he’s at the first class this year. Krištof attends primary school at Koseze and he’s at 5th class already. Tilen’s hobby is swimming and Krištof’s hobby is basketball, but he also swims once a week.

We all like skiing a lot, we love mountaineering and we love to travel as much as we can within our financial means.


Slovenia Participants

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Total Country Participants:

At Home (91%)

  • Changed thermostat
  • Changed settings on refrigerator, freezer, water heater and washer
  • Replaced at least one third of light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs
  • Disconnected electronic devices when not in use

Wild Card Items

  • Eliminated second freezer or refrigerator
  • Insulated water heater
  • Replaced appliances with green-certified products
  • Hung clothes up to dry instead of using the dryer
  • Sealed all of the windows and doors
  • My own action: upgraded heating system, installed heat-protection screens

At the Store (73%)

  • Switched to organic produce
  • Switched to eco-friendly cleaning methods
  • Switched to locally made (non-produce) products where possible

Wild Card Items

  • Cut use of disposable items
  • Repaired or extended use of clothing items
  • Stopped using wrapping paper for gifts
  • Rented or borrowed instead of buying infrequently used items

Food (68%)

  • Ate a vegetarian diet one day a week
  • Cut down on take-away meals
  • Limited daily intake of beef to 8 ounces
  • Switched to sustainable seafood

Wild Card Items

  • Started a food-based garden
  • Ate vegan or raw for a certain number of days per week
  • Bought grass-fed beef instead of conventional
  • Gave up at least one processed food

Transportation (65%)

  • Drove no faster than the posted the speed limit, avoided rapid acceleration or braking
  • Removed extra weight from car, inflated tires
  • Used public transportation instead of driving
  • Reduced your planned air travel by one trip

Wild Card Items

  • Bought carbon offsets for travel
  • Carpooled or found a ride-sharing program
  • Invested in a more fuel-efficient car
  • My own action: riding a bike instead of driving a car

Waste Disposal And Reduction (0%)

  • Recycled all glass, aluminum, plastic, batteries and paper
  • Eliminated advertising mail
  • Changed to paperless billing
  • Eliminated the use of plastic and paper bags

Wild Card Items

  • Began composting at home
  • Used biodegradable bags for walking the dog
  • Recycled old athletic shoes and clothes
  • Recycled or donated old electronics

Water Use (65%)

  • Gave up bottled water
  • Turned off tap when brushing teeth, scrubbing dishes
  • Shortened showering time
  • Replaced shower head with a low-flow model

Wild Card Items

  • Used xeriscaping for yard
  • Installed a rain barrel to collect water for garden, lawn and plants
  • Insulated water heater
  • My own action: changed old toilet flusher
Total Points: 385

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