Energy Diet

We have reached the end!

At the beginning of the 360° Energy Diet we considered two main objectives:

1. Succeed in distribution to our family and friends, by example, good practices to reduce carbon footprint in our homes

2. Of all the actions we took during the challenge, managed to preserve in our daily lives as much as possible

Now that we got to our eighth week of participation, we believe that it is desirable to make a stop on the road to see if we actually achieve our goals and to reflect a little on what this experience has left us.

Regarding the first objective, we feel that many people near our participation was enthusiastic and they are clear we were not doing anything super spectacular, we were simply changing little things to make a difference. This has prompted others to take some of these practices home. Therefore, Objective 1: check!

The second objective, we have come a long way 8 weeks getting used to things we did not used to do before, so make sure that most of these actions will not be forgotten. As the effort to take the first step is the hardest and already is a more complicated path back. So, Goal 2: check!

Finally we are very pleased to be part of this. Even before we had good intentions, diet nudged us toward the correct path and in some ways put pressure to have to do some things that maybe otherwise would have missed. The most important thing we have after this experience is the consciousness that we have developed about the impact we cause to our environment, and this awareness makes us to take right decisions about our purchases, our activities at home and our behavior in society.

We know that getting people to acquire all this thinking is not an easy job. For that reason, our commitment from now on is to continue doing things right, giving the example and trying to spread good practice so that more people will join efforts to conserve our planet.

We give our thanks to Nat Geo for letting us be part of this and hope you continue doing this great job!


  1. Christina Nunez
    December 20, 2011, 10:11 am

    Thank you so much for being part of the diet, Alberto and Michelle. You offered a great look not just at your own household but at issues in Costa Rica.