Energy Diet

As always, there are some habits that are more easily to keep than others.

On our 360° Energy Diet, we took some actions naturally to our routine and way of life, facing them without any major difficulty.

However, there are some other habits that still need some effort to keep them up and running.

We have to confess that this week we had some setbacks in our mission. It was not lack of will or wish; actually we were victims of our own carelessness and what we call the Christmas rush.

For those who celebrate Christmas, it doesn’t matter how much you try to keep quiet, trying to convey on an atmosphere of love and peace, the truth behind the event is that it makes the month of December a total madness. This chaos attacked us!

Suddenly we had to do a thousand things at work, with family, friends, plan activities, buy gifts … all this at the beginning of the month, so that when the holidays arrive, we really get a chance to enjoy with our loved ones.

The result of all this is that we have 20,000 things on our minds and forgot half of them. This is exactly what happened to us, went shopping and we forgot to bring our cloth bags, we mixed up some stuff in the recycling, left stuff plugged in… All wrong!

In our defense, two points we wanted to highlight. The first is that we had a party at our house for Michelle’s birthday, and placed containers for different types of recycled materials, so that the guests themselves threw their garbage where it belongs. It did come out very well!

At the end of the party we checked the containers and saw that they were full and correctly filled. From this we had two good results: 1) We are setting the example for the people we meet, as was our goal since we started, and 2) at the end waste generated by many people was in the right spot without any extra effort on our part.

The other thing we wanted to say is that even though this week was not the best in our 360° Energy Diet, we noticed how important the effect of this has had on us. Both have detected the mistakes we have made almost immediately and tried to correct them somehow. This leads us to think that the effort in these seven weeks has paid off and we have developed consciousness about this issue. We do not doubt that more space is available to improve with new ideas and keep being environmentally conscious.


  1. Christina Nunez
    December 6, 2011, 12:20 pm

    That’s pretty impressive about the party recycling! I’ve seen such efforts go horribly awry…