Energy Diet

Giving In on Home Heating

Petrol Prices: Grrr!

Over the last few weeks, my husband and I have changed our cars and now each use smaller, economical (so we thought!) vehicles. We both need cars due to our work places being several miles away and the local transport is either unreliable or in my case, doesn’t get me to work.

We have both noticed we’re not getting very much petrol for what we’re paying and found we’re filling up more frequently, even as UK fuel prices are set to rise again in January.

Our daughter, Georgina wanted to let people know that she walks to school and back home every day, come rain or shine! She is very proud of this and knows she is doing her part for helping protect the environment.

Feeling Guilty

Also, over the last few days we had to give in and have the home heating on! Felt like we were on holiday soaking up the sun, but soon the guilt kicks in and we switch it off. The precious cats fight over sleeping in front of the gas fire in the living room, and you know it’s cold when the cats are hiding under the blankets in bed.

We are still filling up the hole in the garden with food waste and so far, no sign of mice digging it up, although, as the weather is getting colder, I actually don’t mind them have a helping of food to help survive! I’m hoping that by spring next year, the spot where we have deposited food will be nice and rich in nutrients so we can start our veg patch, again. We tried last year, but the only things that grew and were edible were spring onions! Carrots came out all brown and soggy and the corn was eaten by earwigs!

We have also been offered a greenhouse to put in the back garden. Think we might accept and start growing more vegetables. Less packaging, less transportation but more time spent together as a family nurturing the fruits of our labour.

Blackpool will soon be lit up by wonderful festive lights, and when they are switched on, we will take some pics and share them. I’ll also investigate how these are powered as they are in the centre of town, not sure if they will be powered by wind turbines.