Energy Diet

We have decided as a family to have one day a week in which we have fish to eat: We are going with Fish Friday! Our local market has a fishmonger which supplies locally caught stock. A bit of a shame: James doesn’t eat fish unless it’s covered in batter and deep fried at the fish and chip shop. Our local fish and chip shop informs customers on the various species of fish available and informs customers where, when and how they are caught. A good source of info that shows support for reducing overfishing. I haven’t built up the courage to ask the local fishmonger any info about their stock, although i suspect they would be very open to share.

Usually on a Saturday evening, we like to eat take away food — it’s nice to have someone else cook! Over the next few weeks, we have agreed to opt out of the take away food, and try cooking from one of our various cookbooks. This leads me to shopping in the supermarkets. We have bought a few items that are produced within the UK, but many goods are imported. I suppose we could limit how much we rely on imported food, but I think this would prove a huge challenge. What really bugs me about shopping at supermarkets is how goods are wrapped, sealed or packaged. There is still an awful lot of waste from plastic or polystyrene foam that goes into our bins, but is not really necessary. Much of this waste is uneconomical to recycle or otherwise process environmentally, unless in massive amounts, and can be lethal to any bird or sea creature that swallows significant quantities. Many of the supermarkets are taking action to help reduce packaging along with the suppliers.

We have started a little food composter in the garden, in the soil. We very rarely have any food waste, so didn’t think it feasible to invest in a large plastic composter. As long as a hole is dug deep enough in the soil, then the waste will decompose with a little help from worms. Another advantage to burying is little critters would not be tempted to raid the food.

I tidied our back garden and bagged up a mixture of leaves and weeds with a little compost, once bagged up and tied securely, I made holes around the bag for air to get in. According to info on websites, this waste takes a few months to decompose. Let’s hope I don’t forget about it !

We are due an electricity and gas bill in January, this is the time we will notice any change in our usage, but prices are set to go up again around that time. We will be forced to make major cuts on what we use around the home. We are enjoying finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.