Energy Diet

Our Green School

This last week, I’ve been concentrating on events at my school. We have had solar panels fitted! These are already helping cut the use of fossil fuels and cutting the school’s carbon footprint. The reaction from many children was very interesting. Some thought they were new windows for the roof! It’s been quite rewarding informing them about the purpose of the panels and because we have a monitor visible for the children to see how much energy is being saved, and they are getting a true understanding.

Also, Hawes Side Primary School has been selected as a finalist school in this year’s Lancashire Green Awards under the Category of Green Primary School.
Such an amazing achievement by the children in school, their families, and staff. Good luck Hawes Side!

At home we are still in the process of creating a composting area in the garden. The weather has taken a dip in temperature, we are trying to resist putting the gas central heating on too often, but when we do we only give the house a blast of heat for an hour in the evening. We had wall cavity insulation 2 years ago, and this really does make a difference to keeping heat inside. Also 2 years ago, the loft was re-insulated. A good investment!

At the weekend we visited family in the beautiful Lake District–a big thumbs-up to us on car sharing! Even in small countryside villages, it was evident they recycle, with recycle stations outside shopping areas. We spotted a few residential properties with solar panels too. Good to see communities working together.