Energy Diet

Well, our first week on the diet was all about investigating what Blackpool does to save energy, and we found some fantastic evidence!

Green Light for Tourism

At Blackpool Illuminations, one of our town’s main tourist attractions, the lights are much more than pretty–they are green, too. In 2002, the display included a world’s first: outdoor LED technology. LED bulbs are used in the display because they are much cheaper to run and maintain. Since 2002, all the new features have been built using LEDs.

And that’s not all. The Illuminations now only use energy from renewable sources, such as wind and biogas. There are several wind turbines on Blackpool Promenade supplying energy directly to the lights, and plans are afoot to harness solar energy too.

Cycling Around Town

Hundreds of people are saddling up to use Blackpool’s pay and pedal cycling scheme. Blackpool was the first town in the UK to adopt one of the schemes and now boasts 52 rental stations and 500 bikes. They are located around Blackpool’s Promenade and Pleasure Beach and in local parks to encourage cyclists to make use of the surrounding nature reserves and countryside. This is a great idea for staying healthy and cutting down on carbon emissions.

Dimming the Lights

Our local newspaper reported plans to dim the streetlights from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. to save on cost and energy. However, locals are concerned crime will increase, along with the potential for accidents. I am interested to see if other countries use this concept and what the outcomes are.

At home, we are continuing to recycle through the weekly collections. We are looking into composting at home, to help get rid of food waste and clear away fallen leaves in the gardens.

Just hope we can get this started before snow arrives!