Energy Diet

We are really thrilled to start the 360° Energy Diet today. Jean-Denis and I will both be posting about our personal experience with the Diet. We are native French speakers, established in beautiful Québec City, Canada. Last January, we moved in together into a 1,200 square-foot apartment, in one of the oldest neighborhood of the city: Montcalm.

Slightly after we moved to the center, we realized the two cars we possessed were too much for our needs and recently sold one, lowering our fuel consumption. We both normally (unless it’s heavily raining) walk or bike to work and love it. Jean-Denis is great at being energy-conscious. Before we met, he was already composting, drying clothes on hangers, growing his garden and walking/biking/riding buses everywhere he could.

When we moved in together, he passed on his consciousness and habits to me … except I never agreed to empty the kitchen leftovers bin into the bigger compost bin outside! We form a good team. I cook; he takes the leftovers outside. I found an old bike to ride to work; he fixed it. He discovered the challenge; I wrote the interest mail. We decided to take the Energy Diet to see and experience a step further in our urban-energy-conscious lifestyle.

About our entourage, I must say part of it is energy conscious and part isn’t. Having studied in social and environmental responsibility, Jean-Denis has a great energy-conscious network. He participates in a great deal of environmental-friendly related activities like the Apéro Allant-Vert by Takt Etik; conference and networking nights featuring an eco-responsible company every month. Earlier this month, we had a wonderful eco-friendly wedding (Elisabeth + Peter <3) at Beauport Bay, near Québec. It was impressive to see what they achieve while staying focused on environmental responsibility. With friends, I also participate in creative and eco-friendly activities like clothes swapping and learning to knit winter gloves. Nonetheless, we also have great consumers among our friends and family, from motor-home travelers and drivers to compulsive buyers and excessive electricity users. We also have certain energy-consuming activities like travelling and scuba diving. Last weekend, I was on a scuba-diving trip with Plongée Nautilus out on the coast, at the beautiful and enchanting spot of Les Escoumins. No matter how great of a trip it was, I noticed it was clearly an illustrious energy consuming activity.

From a general perspective, Canada has both energy-conscious and energy-unconscious citizens, greatly depending on the region, cities and households. However, every house/apartment is equipped with a recycling bin for paper, plastic and glass. Enterprises in Canada are becoming more and more energy-conscious with time. We consider ourselves lucky to work for companies where environment protection is a core value. Jean-Denis will write a more detailed post about the Canadian energy situation soon.

Over the next eight weeks, we would like to reach new habits that we could keep over time. Stay tuned….We’ll keep you posted on our progress!


  1. Lucien Alexandre Marion ( Gatineau Qc Canada)
    October 27, 2011, 8:13 am

    Many Cities in Quebec Province are now equiped with added compost bins for each families and are contributing more and more for a better clean environment and Citizens are more and more conscient about preserving their own environment. Merci