Energy Diet

My name is Emma and I live with my family in Blackpool, England. Welcome to my very first blog post for the 360º Energy Diet!

By joining this challenge, I hope to see a change within my household on saving energy. This includes switching off lights around the house, which I’m forever telling my daughter to do. I am also interested in what Blackpool does as a town to save energy and how people of the town are encouraged to do so. I will do my best to keep up with what our country does as a nation to do the same!

I currently work as a teaching assistant in a primary school, which I am proud to say currently owns a green flag award from Eco Schools. We have a green council in school in which children hold meetings to discuss new ventures in which to involve the school,their families and the community. I will include further info on this at a later date.

Blackpool already has many recycling methods in place: we have different bins for households to recycle such as a plastic and tin bin, cardboard bin etc. These are collected on a fortnightly basis, which in summertime isn’t very pleasant — the stink! I will be looking out for any news on changes to collection of waste. Local outlets such as supermarkets have recycle bins for items such as bottles and clothing — again I will include this at a later date.

Today we have been very lucky in Blackpool, the sun has shone all day. We get a little excited when the sun appears here! And because of the lovely sunshine, I’ve been able to hang my washing outside to dry. (I must confess, I really don’t like using a tumble dryer.) I have also ventured to the shops by walking, something i aim to do more of over the next eight weeks and the future.

By the end of the eight weeks, I’m hoping that myself and family have made lots of changes and hopefully get many others on board.


  1. Bella
    October 26, 2011, 12:18 pm

    We have many different recycling bins and even now can put our yard debris and vegs scraps in one container, My hubby is constantly trying to change to the green efificent lights which I am not a fan of for primary room but hallways are fine. In the many town nearby , they have outlawed plastic bags in the stores and encourage costomers to bring cloth bags or paper bags are available for a cost