Energy Diet

Shopaholic Goes Greener

When I first met Jean-Denis, apart from his business suit, he owned 5 t-shirts, 2 jeans and 2 sweaters. I won’t tell you what I owned then, but I can tell you it’s even more unreasonable now.

Jean-Denis’ wardrobe hasn’t changed since. He owns different t-shirts now, but he doesn’t have more of them.  As we were getting more involved in the diet, I decided to try going one step further with my purchases, first by reducing my clothes consumption even more but also by making greener choices.  Thanks to my entourage, I have got plenty of sources of inspiration. No, I haven’t stopped shopping (yet!), but I discovered plenty of other interesting options (even for JD’s birthday and my own).  Here are two of them that allow me to be more responsible – and still really stylish.


My good friends Julie and Elisabeth are creating a social enterprise aiming at the emergence of creativity in our city, by offering creation space and various activities. One of their most popular activity is the Naked Lady party where we all gather with vintage clothes (shoes and jewelry included!) and swap them to reinvent our style and eco-garnish our wardrobe.  The demand is really present – as we can see the activity getting more and more popular.

With Christmas time coming, they also decided to offer a workshop where we all made our own unique Christmas card: easy, eco-responsible, distinctive and a lot cheaper. I’ll let you the result for yourself: Christmas card creation video!
Thanks to Pammy Poppins for this wonderful video.


In Canada, fur is a widely used (and bought) material. I know it’s probably uncommon for most of you, but in our country, especially in Quebec’s province, it’s part of the culture. Fur comes from our most ancient roots – the Amerindians used it as currency for «buying» items from the first settlers. I must confess:  I LOVE fur. It’s just so comfy, stylish and warm in winter. I love it in all its forms: stole, scarf, brooch, key ring, necklace, hat, coat, and hair barrette. Name it; I have it. BUT, none of them are new. Thanks to Grandma’s style, most of them come from her wardrobe. But Quebec also has a fabulous designer, Mariouche, who gives gorgeous materials like silk and fur a second life and transforms them into unique pieces for this company: Harricana. My adorable boyfriend got my birthday gift from there; a beautiful fur muff made from a recycled black-fox coat.

I must say reducing my consumption and making greener choice was less demanding than I expected. I bought a few outfits in vintage shops and handmade most of the gifts I gave out. After three weeks of buying nothing new, not only do I feel better, but also I’m proud of my choices.