Energy Diet

Daily Life Reinvented

As the first snow was falling over Quebec this weekend, Jean-Denis and I decided to happily share with you some of the progress we have made over the last month, while carefully preparing for winter.

As you read last week in our going beyond food miles entry, carbon footprint reduction by buying local is not always easy in our city. To counteract the effect of our non-local purchases, we decided to become vegetarian for an undetermined time.

Turns out vegetarianism fits our everyday choices well (though our sushi consumption has grown exponentially…) but we still end up, due to our work and family, eating meat once or twice a week. Thanks to my wonderful parents, we have a family dinner every Sunday, but the demand (mainly expressed by my father and brother) leads to a meat-meal. Moreover, as both Jean-Denis and I have frequent enterprise lunches, we often end up with meat lunch boxes. We can insure you than, whenever possible, we ask for vegetarian meals.

You might have seen in our description that we now share one car: Carol, a little Toyota Corolla. Our centrally centered home makes transportation to most places easy, either on foot or by bus. Over the last four weeks, Carol has reached a considerably small 37 miles city-usage. Mostly, we use the car to drive to my parents’ place out in the suburbs and Philippe, my brother, always jumps in with us.

Last week, Jean-Denis and I were both working in Saguenay for a few days, before heading to the coast for a scuba diving certification (thanks again to Plongée Nautilus for the amazing weekend and their eco-friendly / responsibility of the submarine environment). We must be honest with you: Though we posted our ride on a car-poll and ride-sharing website, no one signed up for it. It’s a 300-mile drive we are going to offset, starting with bringing compostable waste from our weekend back to Québec.

Preparing for winter also mean celebrating our respective birthdays. To celebrate Jean-Denis (dangerously) approaching his thirties and Halloween at the same time, we gathered our friends at our apartment and invited them to use public transportation to join the party. We had a good response as most of them walked or rode the bus to our place. To celebrate mine (yippi!) we’re heading to Montréal on the train – and will be combining the weekend with some meetings we needed to attend in the metropolis.

Enough of our day-to-day-energy-dieting-life for now, Jean-Denis is preparing another article about offsetting for later this week.