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Sustainable Transport Day

Well, I decided to give it a go. On a weekend, during what I thought would be the worst time of the week to try and get anywhere on Mass Transit in Adelaide. I know that my posts seem to focus a lot on transport, but it seems to be a big area in my life that I could improve on, yet also in a relatively easy way – simply entails a change in attitude.

So; I caught the bus from the front of my house, which miraculously arrived at the stop five minutes after I sat down. This never happens; I took this as a good sign! I then arrived fifteen minutes later at the Mawson Lakes Transit Interchange.

I never noticed that there are actually electronic signs that state how long until the next train arrives; and coincidentally, it’s only a three minute wait – this is also not the norm; on weekends, the frequency is only ever half an hour at best, so I’d usually have to be waiting for a lot longer! Weather proof lounges are available however, as well as a kiosk.

I board:

The half hour trip into the city goes quite quickly; just a bit of reading, listening to music and admiring the sights on the way in.

I transfer to a tram as soon as I leave the Adelaide Railway Station:

I then travel to the northern end of the line, where I hop off at the Entertainment Centre; I needed to pick up some festival tickets from their box office. There is a $2 all day park and ride at the tram stop here, so people can drive to the edge of the city, park their car and then transfer to a tram. I personally think this is such a waste of time and effort – it is not encouraging people to get out of their cars to begin with!

I took the same trip home; overall, my day out lasted for about three hours – 67.5 km of distance traveled in total – and I saw and exercised a lot more than what I ever would have if I was to have driven.


  1. Christina Nunez
    June 27, 2011, 10:32 am

    Nice! I’m curious, how long would it have taken you if you had driven? And did you save on parking?

  2. Daniel
    June 29, 2011, 3:20 am

    No parking costs at all – on a weekend, there is plenty of on street free parking in the city, otherwise all day parking is quite cheap. But regardless, it would have been maybe a 15 minute drive, in good traffic flow? If I was a work day, the public transport time would have been the same, but the car travel time would have been at least 30 – 35 minutes, morning peak. Public transport travel is so much more productive for a student such as myself anyway – music, reading, note taking etc.

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