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Walking Instead of Driving

Went for a walk a few days ago; something I haven’t done for a while. Thought the dog might like to come along as well. I wanted to try and get a feel for how walkable our neighborhood was; this is around where my grandmother lives. The houses are only about ten years old, or so. When the subdivision was launched, it was marketed as a ‘community’ where people could mingle with one another and get out and walk etc.

I actually found that despite the lack of public transport option’s near her house, the footpaths were great, there were trails that linked between cul-de-sacs, and to the local shops, ensuring that I didn’t have to cross any main roads. All in all, it took me about ten minutes, with the dog, to walk from my Nana’s house to the local supermarket, which by car, would have actually taken say three. So all in all, eight extra minutes, not a large amount of time – I’m healthy, the dog is happy and the fuel stays in the tank, rather than the carbon emissions in the air.