Energy Diet

Moveable Feasts

Now here is an area that comes very naturally to us. We are passionate about food, health, and the environment so we do whatever it takes to make improvements here in all areas.

Both of us have been on mostly vegetarian diets for the past 15 years or more, and with the exception of the occasional bacon breakfast, our kids are also vegetarian. When we have bought meat – maybe 8 or so times a year, it’s grass fed and raised without antibiotics. Even when we hosted Christmas dinner last year for several of our relatives, we ordered an organic turkey from a local farm. We stay away from seafood exclusively as none of us have a taste for it.

We always purchase organic milk, and occasionally organic eggs, produce and cereals when they are on sale. Recently, we gave up processed white sugar for honey and maple syrup (both of which are also made locally). They deliver the same great sweetness to our coffee (fair trade when we can), and are great to bake with. We love to cook – especially our homemade pizzas, so we limit take out to once every couple of months – maybe to treat our parents when they’ve helped with the kids, or when we’re absolutely wiped from a long week.

Last year we planted a small food-based garden, and this year, we doubled the size of it and added lettuces which we tend to eat daily. It feels so good not to have to buy lettuce from the store where it’s packaged in plastic containers or bags and it is so handy to carry a bowl to the backyard, and presto! You have a salad! We made friends with an elderly neighbour who is showing us the ropes around how to garden and who gifted us some sprigs of her raspberry bush and mint plants.

This week also marks the second of 23 weeks that we have been receiving a box of seasonally fresh produce from a local farm. It’s called “community supported agriculture” (CSA) where you buy a share in the farm. We, along with 2 of our neighbours signed up and have been delighted with the bounty of greens and herbs so far. It also forces you to rethink the standard household fare and opt for a new menu inspired by the season.


  1. Cecilia
    June 22, 2011, 2:27 pm

    Wow! I think when our family grows up we want to be like your family! We definitely need more work in all those areas. I understand the argument for Vegetarian, but its really hard for me to give up that bacon! But this is very inspiring! Thanks!