Energy Diet

For the third step of 360 Energy Diet we are supposed to focus on food. Meat particularly is extremely energy-intensive, requiring a tremendous about of inputs to raise, slaughter, process and distribute the billions of birds and mammals humans consume every year. If we all ate less meat we would make a considerable contribution to conserving energy of every kind.

Caroline and I talked about this and decided that in addition to limiting our energy in the form of the food we eat, we would use the opportunity to lose some of our body weight.

Going forth, we will eat a vegetarian diet two days a week. We will also brown-bag lunch one day a week, to cut the processed meals and containers used in eating from our cafeteria or restaurants near National Geographic.

We seldom eat beef or seafood, but still we will be more cautious going forward, taking the time to buy beef and seafood we know are sustainable.


  1. Chad Lipton
    June 16, 2011, 10:31 am

    In terms of energy and environmental impact, cutting out meat is the most significant change any of us can make in our lifestyle. Good choice.