Energy Diet

Food Review

We planted our vegetable garden with winter vegetables a few weeks before the challenge. Unfortunately it doesn’t look very inspiring. I think there are a few carrots sprouting, and something that resembles parsley (I didn’t even know we planted parsley!). Maybe it is celery. But following this weeks’ cold temperatures, I think it is probably safe to say that this vegetable garden kite is not going to fly. Disappointment.

Market at Arts on Main, Joburg CBDWe did manage to visit the Market on Main, an initiative in the Joburg CBD. It is a Sunday market where you can find locally produced food, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, and hand made objects. I also love the fact that it is quite a way into the CBD, attracting folks to a part of town they (we) wouldn’t normally go to. The whole centre is awesome, William Kentridge has his art studio there, and there is also a great art book store that represents local artists. One enterprising entrepeneur converted a whole building into an art hotel, and you can see the sidewalks planted with young thorn trees where there were previously nothing.

The whole place was teeming with people. We shared a filled flat bread between the two of us, and I am proud to say, that it was a vegetarian meal. One meal replaced with a meat free alternative. Now I know we shouldn’t be asking for a medal, but I am mentioning it because I am getting kind of proud of my meal choices lately. We have eaten at least one vegetarian meal weekly since the start of the challenge, (cold winter evenings and the fact that we love butternut soup helps a lot!)

As far as processed food goes, we do not eat a lot of that around these parts anyway. This is one aspect of our lifestyle I am quiteBuying local and organic proud of. We eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. I have trained my focus now on making sure that whatever I buy is local and in season. The shop shelves are groaning at the moment under ripe avocadoes, and citrus fruit from my home province Mpumalanga are also coming in. We will be having our share of naartjies and oranges in the house soon!

I have also noticed that I buy the less expensive honey on the rack, but that it is a mix from different countries! (Argentina, South Africa, I don’t know what else). So now I am shelling out slightly more shekels for the local stuff. Apparently it also helps with allergies. Me, I’m from the deep end of the gene pool, so I’ve got no complaints, but Mark suffers from hay fever. Let’s see if this helps!

Next week I will be reviewing how we have adjusted our shopping and consuming habits since starting the energy diet.  I will take a hard look at our plastic shopping bag tally, as well as other disposables. We have been travelling, so I have been trying the cloth diapers on and off. I want to try it for a full week before giving the low-down. Here’s holding thumbs!

Until next time

Cecilia, Mark and Hannah