Energy Diet

Better Eating, Better Living

Well, I really like to talk about the efforts we’ve made on food category,which has the most influential effect on our life.

To tell you the truth, I was not so good at taking care of my health when I first came to the university. Far away from home, with sudden freedom from parental guidance, I formed many bad eating habits during my first year in college. That year I ate a lot of junk food and eat irregularly, which made me gain weight really fast. My health declined. Then I seriously considered how to solve the problem and improve this situation. Reading books about healthy eating helped, and I’ve taken action to get my eating healthier.

When I got to know this program and saw the appeals made about food, I was happy because it can make me more conscious of what I eat, from the perspective of both health and environmental protection. It gives me specific advice about eating healthily both personally and environmentally. Moreover, I find that it doesn’t take much to achieve the goal. Actually, it repays me a lot.

Since I’m living in college far away from home, I have to go to canteens for most of the meals. But actually, I love the canteens in HIT because they really provide various delicious dishes at very cheap prices. They’re also hygienic, too. In summer, I love to eat the raw vegetables with sauce. It’s cool and tastes great. After I started the Energy Diet, I started eating raw vegetables both for lunch and supper for 6 days out of a week. I also have eggs and yoghurt as a supplement to vegan meals.

I’ve stopped eating junk food though it sometimes seems more delicious. Believe it or not, this new eating habit refreshes me so much that I think I will continue to do this until it’s not warm enough for eating raw vegetables. Then I will turn to some steamed or boiled vegetable dishes instead, but still not so much meat.

In addition, I also go to the early market near the campus to get uncooked fruits and vegetables as snacks. It’s held before 8 every day, full of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, tomatoes and cucumbers. They are cheap as well, which is another incentive for me to buy and eat them.

Now I’ve done this for about a month. My life has changed because of this. I feel more energetic, no longer have any digestive problems and am happier for the good health condition I’m in. I’ve even lost some extra weight unintentionally. I think now I have learned how to take better care of my eating, which is a most important part of life.