Energy Diet

Dieting With My Roommates

Hello there! I’m a junior university student of Harbin Institute of Technology, which is located in Harbin, China. Curiosity is my feature. I love all kinds of extraordinary ideas and keep myself receptive. In my daily life, I spend most of my time reading, casually or intellectually chatting with my friends, appreciating various fine art works, doing sports such as jogging and badminton, visiting new places nearby and surfing the Internet. Though I’m an accounting major, I’m trying to go to an anthropology graduate school to chase my interest.

Now I’m living with three good friends. We share not only the room but also almost everything happening in each other’s lives. We’re just like family, caring about each other though we’re from four different cities. When I told them I wanted to participate in this program, they agreed immediately. Here’s some information about my lovely roommates:

Caiwen Liu: a Dalian girl who has the mildest temper I’ve ever knew. She’s majoring in accounting just the same as me. But actually she admires art and dreams to be an artist one day. Good luck to her!
Jing Hu: a Harbin local, very smart, outgoing and can easily make people relaxed and laugh. She majors in financial management, preparing to go abroad for further study. She dreams of becoming a professional in business.
Xueyun Zhang: an intense and lively Xinjiang girl majoring in financial management, always caring for others and therefore nicknamed ‘aunty’. She loves dancing, laughing and watching soap operas.

Actually, we’re not totally sure about why we’re taking part in this program. It’s fun, challenging and exciting. It makes us feel that we have to change the way we live and make the change happen on a larger scale. Maybe this program will enliven our dormant awareness of energy-saving and give us a push to take the first step. And that’s why we like it immediately.

In my university, energy supply is ample compared to the average university in China. Our dorm does not have time restrictions on electricity. We have a 24-hour hot water supply and can always get as much tap water as we want.

Some of us are strongly aware of energy conservation. Actually, one of my former roommates is responsible for the most influential environment protection society in our university, which organizes lots of activities to promote energy-saving. But to be frank, there are many more who don’t really take action to do what they know is right. That’s partly why we want to take the lead and see how far we can go.

In the next eight weeks, we will try our best to learn what’s right to do and how to do it properly. We will behave ourselves and keep examining the amount of energy we waste or save. The final goal is to perpetually make our way of life healthier, both personally and environmentally. Let’s see how it will go.


  1. Miao YAN
    May 24, 2011, 12:48 am

    Sounds interesting! Tell me more details about this programme~What are you gonna do next? How often will you write this? Once a week? And what happens in 8 weeks?

  2. Zong Yu Dorm
    May 25, 2011, 1:21 pm

    So glad you’ve been here! I’m gonna try my best to save the energy we consume both directly and indirectly, such as turning off the lights when I’m not using it, etc and inspire others to do this as well. I will change my behavior concerning transportation, eating habits, garbage categorization and whatever is concerned with this issue. I will write this no less than once a week. Keep track of this! ^ ^