Energy Diet

Think Globally, Act Locally

To learn is to change. Education is a process that changes the learner. The experiences and education gained from the 360º Energy Diet have influenced my habits in a big way. I used to think that making your environment greener may be just adding few solar panels and getting energy-efficient home appliances, but sustainability is much more than that. It is about making those small changes in your lifestyle you never bothered about. Your home is the best place to start making these green changes, because you have better control over your place than anything else.

I also learned that shopping is another great opportunity to make your lifestyle more sustainable. I started  choosing the greenest option available in the store. When it comes to waste, I have reduced what I buy in the store; I am choosing the least amount of packaging as this will reduce the waste I generate.

Another change I started is getting involved promoting green sustainable living, be it volunteering for a group that has similar interests or writing for newspapers, websites and magazines to make this subject more visible. I have been tweeting a lot on various green ideas on twitter at which has given me few valuable followers who are actively involved in green initiatives. I am regularly reaching out to their blogs and enriching my knowledge around the subject.

Some of the tips I got from these social networks are highly appreciable. The best part with social network is that you get ideas and content that are very relevant and current; additionally, it allows you to find people local to your geography that have similar interests. Some of my green experiments did not work well because I was thinking globally and acting globally too. Now I’ve started believing in the philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

As we are close to the end of 360º Energy Diet, to keep up my momentum on the subject I have shortlisted a few books that I am going to read in the coming months.

The status of our current ecosystem is telling us that there is a strong need to have a sustainable civilization, and currently we are not completely prepared to see long-term benefits from it.  Correlation of green habits likely has a lot to do with the geography, but government and local bodies must help increase their people’s ability to get engaged in greener and more sustainable lifestyles.

Any positive change in today’s lifestyle will  lead to tomorrow’s better planet