Energy Diet

These Are Interesting Times

Between climbing Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Americas) solo to a full-blown revolution in Egypt, I cannot think of a more happening 10 weeks in my life. The 360º Energy Diet definitely picked its timing right!

Traveling independently and extensively from a young age has allowed me to experience many of the world’s plights firsthand. Nothing has affected me more than the issues facing our environment. From glaciers melting in the far corners of our planet and its implications on global warming to the troubles of the everyday farmer who is seeing things fundamentally change for the worse in their own lifetime. These matters and many more have made me concerned for our planet and I try to help as much as I can through raising awareness about such issues in Egypt, to adjusting my own lifestyle and even incorporating sustainable practices in my own company.

Despite my own readings in the matter, I have to say, I have learned a great deal from this exercise alone in a limited period of time. I work well when I set goals for myself, and this challenge has definitely given me the incentive I need to make small yet important changes in my habits. While some of the diet changes I may not be able to continue indefinitely, I will be able to manage most. More importantly, reading what others have been doing all over the world has inspired me to continue this pursuit and has given me great ideas on how I can make further simple improvements that move the needle.

If given the opportunity, I would definitely do the whole exercise again, minus the revolution and climb — once is enough! The next step is definitely to work on spreading the knowledge acquired and tidbits of useful tips as well as hopefully exploring with NGS different ways of raising awareness on a bigger scale, especially in the Middle East region, where data on such topics are limited.