Energy Diet

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going. Sustainability was my favorite subject and the 360º Energy Diet challenge came at a perfect time to instill a few green habits in me. The last ten weeks have been full of new experiences, and if I have to choose one habit that worked pretty well for me, that would be about shopping. Earlier there have been times when I never used to bother about the packaging type and origin of the product, but now I am very much aware of what I buy.


I also found this venture is not so easy in this part of the world –- where fake products are sold and consumer forums are full of such complaints. Most of the brands that sell their products in so called “Green” categories are not very popular in India, therefore it was not easy for me to judge which is genuine and which is fake. Recently during my visit to a nearby easyday supermart which is operated by Bharti Retails of India and Walmart, I came across a garment with this tag attached to it, which I understood perfectly, but when I asked for some help on why these tags were attached, they were not aware of it. I also searched online and realized that this particular brand does not exist online, and a search on Google for “bharti walmart easyday gurgaon” gave me all links from consumer complaint websites.




But still. I am making sure that I get most of my answers when I choose a product:

  • What ingredients are in the product?
  • How the product is made?
  • Where the product is made?
  • Which companies are involved in making the products?
  • What happens at the end of the product’s life

Some of my experiments went very badly — even after trying a couple of times, one was using public transportation.  So don’t take it for granted that “green” will always work for you in your milieu. You need to choose your options carefully, then draw up a plan and monitor your progress at a regular interval. New habits don’t run on autopilot mode and you need to put some efforts to break old habits, make new habits consistent & simple, and record your progress to keep motivating yourself.