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My Inner Yogi Speaks…

As I mentioned earlier in the challenge, I practice yoga daily. Not only does it get the blood flowing, but it also helps calm the mind in challenging situations.

Everyday we are faced with challenges. There is always something new placed in front of us that we have to deal with. The group of us participating is challenged with reducing our carbon footprint, I am challenged by my schooling, I challenge myself when I run outside, and sometimes we are faced with unexpected circumstances that are completely out of our control.

For the last however many weeks, we have all committed to blogging about taking things away from our lives to make space for the planet, to make for a better Earth for the future and for now. What I realized when I watched the events of Friday’s earthquake and tsunami was that I haven’t even begun to celebrate the things in life that I was already doing that don’t even revolve around their effect on the earth itself.

The earth that we celebrate, clean up and make a better place can sometimes turn on us. The nature of these catastrophes is usually unpredictable, but what we can do on a daily basis is practice the celebration of what is around us that isn’t material, that isn’t packaging around food and that isn’t remembering your reusable coffee mug (high five anyways).

We tend to get totally wrapped up and enveloped in what is around us in material form that we forget where our true center lies: our family, our pets, breathing, living and existing. Of course, we need to be conscious of the materialistic habits that will get us into trouble, but I do think where the real equation is balanced is when we can monitor our habits and truly embrace and celebrate our existence.

We truly do NOT need all the things in life that we have grown to like and like the feeling we get from purchasing them. This INCLUDES organic food, cool hemp bags and all the rest. As much as we need to eat raw, we too need to live raw. It can all change so, so very fast.

My thoughts are with everybody in Japan. I am so incredibly inspired by the strength from everybody in involved and helping in Japan.



  1. clipton
    March 23, 2011, 11:06 am

    Lindsay–I appreciate your thoughts. It is easy to get caught up in unimportant details of life and not appreciate the magnitude of events around us.

  2. boudour
    Abu Dhabi,UAE
    March 26, 2011, 2:06 am

    I believe that this is a celebration for all of us on our hard work; We Al Nowais family would love to share this hour with all of u.

  3. Arpit mistry
    India, Gujarat
    May 14, 2011, 11:33 am

    As yoga in our tradition gud to hear u also do. U r words r wel define and heart touching. Gud nt swt drm. I m a botanist .