Energy Diet

Citizen of Japan, Citizen of Earth

As a citizen of Japan, I believe I will be a good citizen of the Earth as well. At the 2009 UN climate summit in New York, the Japanese government committed to decreasing total greenhouse gas emissions by 25% from 1990 levels by 2020.

Tatsuo at Daibutsu

Standing before Kamakura's famous Daibutsu

This is very difficult to achieve. It will be impossible if only governments and businesses make an effort — all consumers, each individual must try for this goal. I believe individual commitment must be connected with national engagement in a global agreement.

Maintaining a certain level of enjoyment in life is another important issue. Sustaining the environment should also sustain a good lifestyle. Both elements sometimes create contradictions. However, we have the power of creation and innovation to address this.

I want to attempt to find an effective way to reduce greenhouse gases by discovering innovative methods for critical daily issues. I will challenge myself on the following elements:

1. Ecological lifestyle

2. Using energy efficiency products

3. Ecological reform

4. Carbon offsets

5. Committing to social movement within the community

Kamakura (map), where I live, is the first city to start sorted collection garbage and recycling in Japan. Garbage is divided into 15 categories. Eighteen thousand citizens must observe this difficult identification system at first when they join this city.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a catchphrase of this city. People are very much ecology-conscious. However, there are so many complicated and, frankly, lousy operations. I wish to commit in daily life and to report how people overcome these troubles to achieve our goal.