Energy Diet

Dieting for Fun, and a Better Future

We are just an ordinary family. We live in the suburbs of Ljubljana (map), which is the capital city of Slovenia, situated between Vienna and Venice in the middle of Europe.

There are four people in our household: Mateja, Janez, Tilen and Krištof. Two of us are grown ups and two are still in school. We live in a private two-story house on the upper floor. Below us live my husband’s parents, but we live economically and physically separated in two households, each floor for itself.

Every day I go to work by car to the city center and my husband drives to the city Vrhnika (map), where he works. We usually come back at home in the afternoon.

The oldest son studies in high school which is also in the city center, and he uses public transportation on daily basis. The youngest son has his primary school in the vicinity, although the school is too far away for him to be able to go there by foot, so he rides the school bus.

In the afternoons, both of our sons participate in different activities, such as basketball, swimming, English lessons and religion lessons (only the youngest one, the oldest one has already finished it last year). My husband and I drive them to their activities by car, because of lack of time. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to participate in all of their activities. In this kind of way of life, we are able to spend the quality time together late in the afternoon, in the evenings and, of course, during free weekends and holidays.

We decided to join this diet mostly for fun. It would be interesting for us to see how we can change our lives on purpose, for higher goals, for a better environment and for a better future for our children, who will have to live on this planet after us.

In Slovenia, there is already a trend of taking care of our environment for some years now, so with the participation in this diet, we will follow the trendy way of thinking. We assume, and also hope, that we will be able to change a number of aspects of our life, and especially our current modus vivendi.

In our country, there are some people with a high awareness for our environment, and they already try to live according to the rules of this diet, but on the other hand, there are a lot of those who still pretend that this is not their problem. But it is. In fact, it is a problem for us all.

Until now, at our home we tried to take care of energy usage — especially for heating during winter time and for cooling during summer time. We already tried to spare water if it wasn’t necessary to pour it.

We’ve separated some waste already, but not all of it. Separating waste depends on the system that already exists in our community. Because we live in a community with small private houses, we have waste disposal areas together for all houses in one part of our neighborhood. This means that we have to transfer our waste from our house approximately 50 meters (164 feet) to the garbage place. There, we already have waste disposal divided by glass, paper, plastic or cans and biodegradable waste. We already separate our garbage in every way possible according to our system.

The only problem that occurs is that the company hired to take this waste away sometimes (but not very often) doesn’t do it on time. Because of that, all the trash cans are full and overloaded and it’s impossible to throw more waste into it. On such occasions, we put our waste in the trash cans which are there for all other (non-recyclable) waste and this is really wrong.

Well, this is all for the first time. We are looking forward to compete in this challenge to see what we are able to do and what we can do.